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Testimonies from people who bought Lotus Blossom Pugs



The pictures below are of my pugs (adopted out to wonderful families) that have matured past the puppy stage. All pug puppies are adorable, but I thought

it would be nice for you to see what they looked like as adults! If I added a few that are still puppies it's because I just couldn't resist...there is something so wonderful about puppy breath!!!!  





Meet Lotus Blossom's Storman Norman

(Loved and owned by the Winklmann family)

We drove from Montgomery, AL, and I will never forget that 4th of July day. We came in the door and little Norman was sitting in the room with a blue ribbon around his neck; he was so happy and content in greeting us. We completed the paperwork and placed him in his new crate with a toy for our trip back home. Norman is a very happy, healthy Pug and was very easy to socialize from the minute we brought him home. He was crate trained based on how Lynda prepared him for his new home and we had him house trained within a short couple of months. Norman is so smart and seemed to catch on to most all commands fairly quickly as he grew. Norman will be 4 years old this year. We have thoroughly enjoyed him and he continues to fill our hearts and our home with love each and every day. He is and always has been very mild-mannered. He’s never barked, never dug or torn any toys (hard to believe, right?), but it’s true! Norman is very popular in the neighborhood with all the dogs and children, and he even gets an occasional ride or two on the golf carts. Most times, he thinks he is human--it's too funny! Lynda did a great job breeding him and she also did a great job in preparing him for his new home. As we plan to purchase another pug in the near future, we plan to purchase from Lynda. Just knowing and having the peace of mind in the quality of dog we will get and knowing how well Lynda will prepare the puppy for its new home, the trip is well worth it. Thanks Lynda!

Meet Ricky and Lucy!

(Loved and owned by The Fiddlers)

We picked up little Ricky and Lucy when they were 8 weeks old. We had been in contact with Lynda months before that, so we always knew how our puppies were doing. The most important thing for us in picking a breeder was that the dogs were well taken care of, that the quality and health of the dogs were the most important thing. Our little ones are healthy, happy, and a joy.
 Hopefully we will be able to get another little dog from Lotusblossom Pugs!
Lucy and Ricky out for a walk... 
Below is little Petunia...I affectionately called her Little Tuna during her time here.
Petunia is loved and owned by the Chestlers!
This is Litzy..loved and owned by S. Micheletti!
"I'm so happy I found Lynda and Lotus Blossom Pugs...There are so many breeders that don't care about what they are doing and just use their dogs as source of income, and we (Jozie and I) could have easily been stuck with a sickly, inbred, pug with a bad disposition. It is hard to find someone who actually cares, and takes the time to do things right. Here in the southeast there seem to be plenty of pugs for sale for a few hundred dollars, but you can see the poor breeding even in the puppies at 6 weeks old.
I don't particularly care if my dogs are "perfect" or "show quality", I just want happy, healthy companions-unfortunately cute "puppy pictures" don't tell the whole story. I would highly recommend visiting the Lotus Blossom web page and reading Lynda's information about breeders, regardless of whether or not you are looking for a pug now."
This little boy (Kithy) was the love of his mommies life. He passed away due to a tragic accident.  Ms Walton chose to come back to Lotus blossom for something to help her heal....two babies.  The joy helps the pain, but  can not replace what was lost...and isn't meant to.  Kithy's memory will always be alive........  



........but puppy kisses help! 


"Khloe from Miami says hello. She is the perfect little dog. Absolute joy. My wife always talks about getting a male some day."



Dino and Toby! 

In the fall of 2005, we purchased our first pug puppy, Jake, from a breeder in Missouri . After several months of visiting doctors, specialists, and spending thousands of dollars, we found the reason for his grand mal seizures. His brain stem was deformed. After a year and a couple of days, we had our puppy put down.

     Two months later, we took a trip to West Virginia to purchase our second pug puppy, Cosmo. We got home and went straight to our vet for his first physical. He had a heart murmur. On a scale of 1 to 6, his was a 4. He lived to be a year and a couple months, before he died of a heart attack. We were devastated.

     So we asked ourselves . . . .do pugs ever live beyond a year?

     A few weeks later, while playing on the internet, we found a very knowledgeable “pug person”. She contacted her friend, Lynda Hoffman, and Lynda contacted us. She understood our pain and we felt so comfortable talking with her, we agreed to purchase two little boys. We constantly kept in contact via emails. I got updated pictures of my boys from birth until the time we picked them up. Lynda even told us what the personalities of these guys would be. Toby would be very laid back and Dino would be a clown.

     Because Lynda listened and understood about our previous pug puppy experiences, she gave us the contact info for her vet. Our vet checked with hers to make sure Dino and Toby were healthy. About a week before we made the trip to Florida to pick them up, we requested one more checkup. She did this for us at her own expense!

     We got to Florida and she was wonderful. We saw all the puppies, mommies, and daddies. What a wonderful time!

     There is no doubt I am one of Lynda’s biggest supporters. She knows what good breeders should be, and she is one of the best!

     My boys will be five years old June 6th 2012. Dino is 19-20 lbs. and very smart. He is a clown as Lynda told us he would be. He is unusual for a pug, because he loves to run and loves water!  He is so much fun. Toby is 17-18 lbs. and very laid back. Everyone loves (and wants) Toby. If he moved any faster, he would be standing still! We take them to pug parties and get togethers and everyone always has a comment on how handsome they both look. Dino is a very beautiful light fawn color and Toby has a double coat, which is a darker fawn color.

     Last summer their regular groomer requested they be part of a ten minute special feature on television to show grooming procedures. They were a hit, particularly the close up of Dino’s tightly curled wagging tail. (His tail wags often times while he is sleeping). In addition the groomer has recently requested Dino’s picture to be on their website.

     But most important of all . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .they are healthy!!!!!

     Thank you, Lynda, from the bottom of our hearts. We finally were blessed with two healthy pug puppies!!



This is Lotus Blossoms B.B King (Pudge)

"Our family was so thankful when we found Lynda with Lotus Blossom Pugs! Words cannot express how excited we were when we finally found out about the day we would drive 3 hours away to pick him up. We always say " we cannot live our lives without a pug" and it is so true! Pudge the pug is a little puppy with a human inside. He is precious, hilarious, and absolutely gorgeous! We will be forever grateful as we enjoy our little gift that gives us endless laughs. Thank you Lynda for all of your care, compassion, and devotion to all of the adorable pugs that you have placed within so many families, bringing us wonderful memories for years to come."


Meet Lotus Blossom's Marcus Arelius!

My husband and I had been doing research to find a pug. We came across Lotusblossom Pugs and with further research found out how well respected this breeder is in the dog community. Lynda really cares about bettering the pug breed. She is a person with morals and ethics of the highest standard. I went to visit Lynda at her home and met with a new litter of puppies. I was very impressed at how organized and clean everything was. She sat with me for a few hours and explained about feeding, potty training and getting ready for a new puppy. She was able to send pictures and updates of my puppy throughout the process. He is a joy to have around especially because Lynda starts the potty training early. By the time he got home he was halfway there. I believe you can tell when a dog has been well breed just by looking at them. We were so happy with the new puppy we decided to get another puppy from Lynda. We just couldn't get enough of him. Luckily one of her pugs had just had a litter. I would tell anyone who is serious about getting a well trained, good looking, healthy puppy to call Lynda and talk to her. You will find, as we did, her pugs come from the best quality pedigree in the pug world. 

Meet Chloe !

On May 27th 2011 my husband drove 14 hours to pick up our little princess. I spent months and months emailing back and forth with Lynda...this was going to be my first pug, I had so many questions and she answered them all.. We even had a long phone conversation all about pugs!! When I first saw my Chloe she was just perfect. 9 weeks and 3 pounds! So beautiful! My vet was in Ahhhhh with her. He raves on what a perfect little pug she is.  She is so smart, mild tempered, and great with kids and our cat. She's loves going places and is very sociable. Chloe now a year old and I still email Lynda with questions and she always answers. Lotus blossom Pugs is the breeder to turn to!! Thanks Lynda! 

From the Florida Keys!
Meet Lotus Blossom's Bodhi (with model in photo shoot) Miami Beach
(watch for his 2012 commercial on T.V. with Saquilla O'neal...'the Shack')

"We tragically lost our first pug and knew about the need for research and proper vetting of breeders when it came to finding our new pug. Via word of mouth, I came upon Lynda Hoffman and her Lotus Blossom Pugs. We found out about a pending litter and placed our deposit. Made the trip to visit our pug, who we called Bodhi. We met him and his mother and returned weeks later when he was ready to go home.

Lynda has a unique way of training her puppies. He was housebroken and NEVER made any mistakes when it came to relieving himself from day one. He has proven to be an important part of my life. While I hope to not have to replace Bodhi anytime soon, anyone that is taking the first steps to obtaining their first pug, Lotus Blossom Pugs is one to trust. Price should be secondary to obtaining a healthy and beautiful pug from a reputable breeder."











 Mr Darcy and Jane are the loves of my husband's and my life. We had never owned a dog before meeting Lynda. She answered all our questions and was frankly modest about how delightful her dogs are. We go everywhere with our pugs and they never fail to attract a crowd. It is hard to resist these sweet, charming, affectionate pugs. Every day is improved by their personalities. Thank you Lotus Blossom Pugs!



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